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Spotlight on - Tabitha Mary

At Spotlight, we got the opportunity to talk to Tabitha Mary, Owner, Designer and everything in between of her own print company. She spoke about choosing a career that suits you and overcoming challenges and staying motivated.

The beginning

I studied mixed media Textile Design at Uni and self-taught myself adobe illustrator. My final project was heavily graphic based and less mixed media textiles and I think this reflected where my skills and heart lay. I sort of knew that to make a living in the commercial industry I needed to be a ‘graphic designer.’ So when I left uni, I promptly broke my leg! and spent the summer recovering and applying for jobs. I went to my first interview with my leg in a cast and as soon as it was off moved from East Sussex where I grew up to Hertfordshire to start my first creative job as a Christmas Cracker pattern designer. From there I had a few jobs, ranging from designing packaging, products, and working on licensed stationery. A real mix of things!

In 2010 I designed the Shipping Forecast print for my Mum and Dad and put it on Etsy as a long shot…. it sold!!! The business slowly grew around my 9-5 job and then in 2014 I took the plunge, quit my full-time job, relocated to Bedfordshire to be with my now Husband and Tabitha Mary became my full-time job. A gamble that was SO SO scary, but my gosh has it paid off! PHEW!

Tabitha Mary has grown and developed quite a bit over the past 6 years. There’s now around 200 designs on my website! Among other products. I’ve learnt an awful lot! Had ups and downs but it’s been such a fun journey and a stressful one at times. This July sees 10 years since my first online sale. I just can’t believe that! (Makes me feel old! Ha ha!)

Drive and determination

My husband is my biggest supporter, he’s such a champion of mine. And honestly, the reaction of my parents when I told them I was quitting my job; They are both academics so we don’t always ‘get’ each other with my being the ‘creative one’ but their instant reaction was - go for it! good for you! And I knew they wouldn’t have said that unless they thought I could make it work. So that gave me the boost and confidence I needed to take the plunge.

Advice for anyone starting a business

Go for it! It’s scary but SO worth it. And remember to sort your accounts! Numbers don’t come easily to me, and I always buried my head in the sand, but as things got more serious I had to get a grip on my numbers. After all, you can’t run a business unless you make a profit.

There are highs and lows to any job in my case I find the pressure can get on top of me. There’s a lot of pressure running your own business. Tabitha Mary is literally just me. I do everything. sometimes that gets too much. But you just gotta plough on, take the rough with the smooth and it all comes good. Again… work hard and be organised.

Overcoming COVID- 19

I’ve tried to be really transparent on social media and show the behind the scenes day to day reality. Trying to keep it real. The beginning was a very worrying struggle. We’ve now found our feet a bit, but it’s still really hard. I’m struggling to find time to do any decent design time, so my collection of prints is growing a lot slower than I’d like. Around the kids, my time is just all about the admin jobs and processing orders. Ultimately it’s hard. It’s hard to survive I have an 18month old and 3 years old. So just surviving with no childcare and a husband working full time is all it’s boiled down too. We’ve definitely had good days and very bad days and I work all sorts of crazy hours to keep up. But, we are healthy, together and so very lucky.

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