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Spotlight on Rebecca Brough

Here at Spotlight, we had the opportunity to chat with Rebecca Brough, Managing Director and Owner of Staton Young & Cubo. She spoke to us about overcoming the challenges of growing a business during a pandemic.


Staton Young began back in 2010 after my husband, Marc Brough and I started to buy quite a few residential properties and rent them out in our local and surrounding areas. During this time Marc owned a company that dealt with fire and flood restoration and I was working as a Graphic Designer. We got into commercial property when we purchased our first serviced office Business Centre in Burton-upon-Trent in 2014. Once our children started school I came back to work full time, and the Staton Young office team soon began to grow, along with our residential and commercial properties. We now own 7 Business Centers in Burton-upon-Trent, Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield (along with many residential properties).

Our company ‘Cubo’ was born after our Staton Young Business centres were regularly getting fully occupied, and we wanted to offer a new and modern approach to serviced office space. We also needed a new challenge, and this was definitely the way for us to go! We wanted to offer modern private office space, which also had coworking space, hot desks, designate desks and meeting rooms. A hub for people to work and innovate; free events, creating opportunities for new business deals from others working in the space. With added extras like an in-house barista and beer!

Overcoming challenges

Our biggest challenge has definitely been Covid-19. We opened our first Cubo during February 2020 and covid struck. It’s hard trying to fill office space when people are told to work from home! But here we are now in March 2021 and have so far been very successful. Cubo Nottingham opened its doors in October 2020 and Sheffield opened in April 2021. We have noticed a huge rise in enquiries over the last few weeks and we have been filling up gradually despite the pandemic. We have members who provide vital services to the healthcare and education sectors and we have created a safe place to work for those unable to work from home.

Drive and Determination

I believe everyone who owns their own businesses is driven by creating and having a successful business. You live and breathe it. (There’s no such thing as having a day off). With my graphic design background, my main focus in the company is mainly marketing. I find no greater pleasure in seeing the enquiries come in which have been created by our marketing campaigns!

The biggest lesson that you’ve learnt along the way

My biggest lesson would be to listen to people who have experience but at the end of the day do what you think is right.

Advice for those starting their careers

  1. Loyalty (show whoever you’re working for that you are loyal)

  2. Give 110% (if you go above and beyond - it will be noted and rewarded)

  3. Stand out and make a difference (be counted – and not just another number)

Advice to people who are wanting to start a business

  1. Put in 110% (work work work!) it will pay off!

  2. Don’t listen to people who say it won’t work (heard that a million times!)

  3. Create goals to focus on, once achieved create more!

Advice be to someone managing a team?

  1. Make time to listen to your team. Remember to reward them.

  2. Make sure you create a good team attitude. Give them goals to focus on and achieve.

The best and worst part of your job

The best part must be watching our hard work pay off – seeing the companies grow and reaching set goals. Also watching our staff succeed and do well. The worst would be the hours!

To what do you attribute your success

My husband – without him there wouldn’t be any businesses. Plus the drive and passion put into the businesses.

The future

We are currently seeking out new commercial properties to continue to grow Cubo nationally.

What has been your strategy for your business during corona?

Keep going - It’s been very rewarding being able to offer a safe place to work for those companies and people who are unable to work from home.

If you’ve found Rebecca’s blog insightful, make sure to follow Cubo on Instagram and Twitter and Staton Young on Instagram and Twitter. Find more blogs like this here.

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