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Spotlight on Paul Chamberlain

Here at Spotlight, we had the chance to chat with Paul Chamberlain, Founder & CEO of Listing Creations Ltd. He shared with us how he has overcome the challenges he has faced and also gave great advice to those starting out in their career.

Background - Into you and your business

Listing Creations originally started out as a business that created and sold products on Amazon.com. Although this is very much still part of our future business plan, we decided to help individuals and businesses optimize their offering in order to achieve more sales online with their own product offering, as it was slightly more flexible for me at the time whilst travelling.

The big idea

This idea all came about by being in the right place at the right time. Whilst I was in Melbourne, Australia attending an eBay focused seminar hosted by an eCommerce coach, the event organiser asked the room if anyone had sold on Amazon. I slowly put my hand up to find out I was the only one in a room of around 100 people that had, which attracted a few people's attention.

I thought nothing of this and carried on with the seminar, which was pretty good. As the event came to a close I found myself, and not the event organiser, being bombarded by a small crowd of people asking me questions about Amazon, which really took me back.

Out of respect for the organiser, I tried to brush people off but two ladies, in particular, were adamant that I help them out and asked me to coach them from the very beginning. I reluctantly exchanged my email and thought nothing of it, as I was not trying to step on the event organisers toes.

Long story short, I agreed to coach the two ladies and take them through the steps of how to set up on Amazon. That is really where it all began for the agency side of Listing Creations. I learned so much about presenting and teaching from this experience and still continue to develop these skills to this day.

Although this situation happened by complete luck, it just goes to show the power of three little words that have the power to really change your life forever. They are “JUST SHOW UP”, as you never know what doors will open to you.

Overcoming challenges

Fear, doubt, and feeling like a fraud. As a service-based business owner, I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t fallen victim to these three mentally draining emotions at some point in my professional career.

To overcome these things I needed to:

  • Get out of my own way

  • Operate outside of my comfort zone

  • Trust people more

  • Continue improving my knowledge within an ever-evolving industry

  • Continue adding value to every situation

Procrastination will kill your dreams fast, whilst leaving you wondering what if? This is not a good place to be physically or mentally, so why not just give it a go? If it fails, so what! Chances are you can always go back to a similar situation you are in now so what is there to lose? Just do it!

Drive and Determination

I’ve never been one to give a half-assed attempt at something. I will never understand people that think it’s okay to just sit around and watch life pass them by wondering what the hell happened. I’m the kind of person that is unable to give anything less than 100%, which is something I look for in team members when recruiting.

I’m proud to say that I’ve had over 50 jobs in my lifetime, which seems ridiculous really but I’d encourage anyone that isn’t happy in any situation to leave it and pursue something you are passionate about. For me that passion is eCommerce and although it took me a while, I finally found something great for me and my family, which includes my little girl who gives me more drive and determination than anything else in the world.

I promise myself every day that in order to show her how to live a free and happy life, I first have to lead by example and go for the things in life that I am passionate about.

Three tips you would give to those starting their careers

  1. You are in this for life so pick wisely.

  2. Give it your all.

  3. Learn or win.

Advice to those wanting to start a business

Starting a business is not for everyone. Everyone wants all the rewards but some don’t want to put in the work. Make sure you enjoy what it is you do, otherwise what’s the point? Yes, it’s going to get difficult in parts but if you do something you really enjoy then it will be that little bit easier to push through and get the results you desire.

In short, choose happiness. If that’s a job, great. If that’s owning your own business, then that’s great too. It’s you that has to do it. Also, it takes time!

Advice to those aiming for leadership positions

I would say lead from the front and always add value. The more value you add, the more valuable you are.

The best and worst part of your job

The best part is hitting milestones. There is no better feeling than seeing how far you have come. However, the worst is rude people and time wasters. Nothing more needs to be said. Surround yourself with good people, which includes your customers.

To what do you attribute your success?

Not giving up on the days when you're ‘not feeling it’. Some of my best results have come through from the little steps that were taken on days when the last thing I wanted to do was work. Keep going!

The future

Currently, we are re-solidifying the groundwork alongside the systems we use, whilst building out a passionate team. This will be crucial to continued growth.

For the future, we are aiming to be the number one eCommerce agency in the UK. There is a bit of a race with this at the moment but with the right strategy, there is no reason why this can not be us.

Thank you Paul for telling us your story. To keep up to date with Paul be sure to connect with him on LinkedIn and follow Listing Creations Ltd on Instagram and Facebook. To read more blogs like this, visit our blog.

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