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Spotlight on - Nick Paton

At Spotlight, we got the opportunity to talk to Nick Paton, founder of Drive-Change.co.uk. We chatted about starting a business, his advice to anyone starting out and coping during COVID.

Business background

We are a consultancy that helps creative and technology organisations deliver change and work directly with employee health and wellbeing. We help you take a competitive advantage by cutting through complexity and changing the way you think, feel and do, so together we build a better future. And we are passionate about sustainability because we believe tomorrow matters. I love that no two days are the same in my job, it’s constantly changing, the biggest challenge I have faced during my career is the ability to believe in myself and my team, putting trust in my own abilities. After engaging a professional coach, this allowed me to see and grow beyond the boundaries I had set myself, I became unstoppable afterwards, this has led me to start Drive-Change.


Saving the planet is a really important initiative for us. Every business stakeholder is the planet and we don’t have time not to act! Knowing that limits are those you set yourself really gives me the drive and determination to succeed day-to-day. You don’t have to know everything, but you should always listen.


To anyone looking to start a business, I would say ‘focus on the end game’ and don’t worry about the details, find a business coach at the start of your journey and it will be invaluable in guiding you. Always remember to listen, have empathy and anticipate the needs of others before they ask. The best advice I have been given throughout my career is ‘Your identity isn’t who you are, it’s what you do now that matters.’

My Top three tips are:

  • Always value connecting with people, don’t be shy.

  • Empowering by sharing and helping others will bring you rewards.

  • Love is the most powerful business tool of all. Love what you do, love what others do, grow a love for what you all do, at every opportunity.

COVID business strategy

The main priority for me is remaining clear on the goals and purpose of the business, not rushing the change because of something outside of our control. To anyone struggling I would say:

  • Keep communication as clear and clean as possible.

  • Allow individuals to have flexible working hours to suit their home life.

  • Seek better insight into why it isn’t working and how to make it workable.

The future has never been certain, the additional hype around the pandemic has made many people worried about many things. Our business has adapted to communication tools to assist our clients to deal with this bombardment of information, uncertainty and helps them to focus attention on the positive movement towards achievable goals now.

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