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Spotlight on Louise Hallam

At Spotlight, we got the opportunity to talk to Louise Hallam, Founder of Still Calm. Chatting about celebrating every success no matter how small, debunking the myth of a formula to success and how to handle running a business during a pandemic.

Business background

I always knew that I was meant to help people get out of their own way. The meditation training was the insight to which direction I was going in. The rest unfolded into what I was meant to do.

I have a corporate background in leadership and development. I trained as a meditation teacher and after a spiritual journey in the last 18 months, I have reconnected with my purpose and ancient wisdom. I help women executives, directors and entrepreneurs to break through self-limiting beliefs, get the clarity on their goals and accelerate their potential.

Biggest challenge

I think going from being employed for 25 years to being self-employed was a big shock and a huge learning curve. I have been really lucky to connect with some inspirational people who have supported me. It has really helped to have a circle of people who are going through the same experiences that you can bounce ideas and suggestions off. Knowing that I was determined to help people and see their own true potential. Not being afraid to ask for help when I didn’t know how to do something. Measuring how far I have come rather than focusing on what I yet had to achieve.

Passion drive and determination

Having been through a period of my life where I wasn’t happy doing the work I was doing or felt as though I was truly happy in myself. I love seeing in other people the moment when I have helped them realise what their true potential is and when they are in and out of alignment with it.

Knowing that so many people are in a similar position as I was. Getting in their own way, not shining like they could and not feeling good enough. I am able to give them the spark they need to change that.

Learning lessons and advice

That you do need determination and motivation. A positive mindset is really important to keep moving towards your goals when it’s just you responsible for your actions.

To anyone just starting out on their career I would say follow your instincts, they are never wrong. Do things because they make you enjoy them and they make you happy, rather than for money or fame. Don’t be afraid to make the first step and learn as you go along. Start to gather a network of people who can support you with various aspects of running a business. Connect with people you’ve worked with, mentored you or you know have done the same journey.

Don’t focus on external things to make you happy. It’s what’s happening on the inside that matters.

Looking to lead

Treat people how you would like to be treated. Take the opportunity and time to listen to people when they won’t talk. Always think about developing people to move them into a better role not trying to hang onto them. True leadership looks easy and never forget that people are human and they make mistakes. Admitting you are vulnerable is not weakness. Take time to get to know your team individually, involve them in decision making create an environment where they can trust you and be open.

Adapting to business during COVID-19

Early on I responded to businesses who wanted to support their staff wellbeing for homeworkers. I was quickly able to adapt sessions to online and recording so they could send out to all colleagues.

Remote working can be hard to remember to keep regular communication with staff, don’t assume that people are ok just because they haven’t reached out. Create opportunities for employees to connect with each other.

Don’t expect the same level of productivity or motivation and encourage people to take regular breaks, walks and look after their mental health and wellbeing.

At the moment I have been focusing on working with the media and spending time creating content so that I am still visible. Podcasts, writing articles and making connections. It’s about supporting each other at this time.

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