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Spotlight on Linda Redmond- You have to believe it to achieve it!!!

At Spotlight, we got the opportunity to talk to CEO and founder of Clear Crystal Consultancy Ltd, Linda Redmond. Linda talks about drive and determination and finding the right people.


Over 25 years in Health & Social Care as a Senior/Middle manager, Business Degree and a wealth of experience. We started off providing care, but due to all the red tape in the sector and the type of owners setting up (to get rich overnight) I decided to close the care side and keep the recruitment. It made sense to set up an industry I already knew. (I would encourage anyone the same)

I am very passionate about my role. I'm passionate about treating our staff fairly, providing them with an excellent hourly rate. For me, It’s important to succeed with faith, dignity, without any corruption (hence the name clear crystal). Success with a good lifestyle & health is my driving motivation whilst helping others along the way.

Drive and determination

Realizing what it is I enjoy doing, am I good at it? Then go for it. I'm striving for the long term lifestyle that I want to achieve. I have learnt many lessons along the way and have included strategies to use now going forward. Throughout my career, I have learned many harsh lessons, for example, don’t trust everyone you meet, there are very different people in the business world and it will take time to know the users/people who seriously want to support you. Never give up, network and pray to your creator for guidance and direction during difficult times.


To anyone looking at starting a business I would suggest creating a business plan which includes your cash flow, although you will move from it from time to time, you can always revert back to it. Cash flow is queen (if you have it) and make sure you utilize the free resources first there is a lot out there.

Make sure you do your research, due diligence, be passionate and never give up.

Something that’s not right for someone else, doesn’t mean it’s the same for you, remember that nothing good comes easy. Be good to others as it will always come back in your life. There is no formula for my success. The best advice is to go for it. With drive, determination and passion you can achieve anything.

You will come across setbacks, during the early days for me I struggled with funds and staffing. It takes time to find the right people to work with who are also as passionate as you are.

Try not to discuss business with your family & friends that are not in the business world, there are people who could have achieved but haven’t due to speaking to the wrong people. You will find over time your circle of friends are successful entrepreneurs, people who have made the journey you want to achieve.

It can also be lonely at the top.

If you enjoyed this Spotlight blog check out more just like it here. To learn more about Clear Crystal Consultancy Ltd, visit their website here.

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