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Spotlight on Junior Goude

At Spotlight, we got the opportunity to talk to Junior Goude, Managing Director of Goude Mind Limited. We talked about overcoming a challenging childhood, getting into business and the formula for success.

Business background

GM Marketing is a marketing company that is committed to providing a high standard of campaign execution for a wide range of industries. We operate on the belief that as a business owner, you want to know that your marketing campaigns are not only taken care of but are also going to produce increased income or awareness of your brand, this is why all of our campaigns come from a science-backed perspective. We have gathered ten years of research that enable us to develop marketing campaigns that are both pleasing to the masses and to your individual consumer. Our research is developed from a mix of qualitative and quantitative data research that has been tested through both real-world and controlled environments.

Goude Mind was founded in 2018 starting as a company that provided psychometric tests to recruitment companies. The research that was gathered over a ten-year period was able to be applied towards marketing for businesses across the UK, we began by marketing primarily within the hospitality industry and then branched out into events marketing and the engineering industry. Today we have a strong workforce that has been applying psychological methods to marketing, using ten years’ worth of research and developing more right along the way.

Overcoming challenges

My biggest challenge when starting my career definitely had to be myself, overcoming my own fears and anxieties over becoming someone who would actually make a difference in business was massively challenging for me, I found it very difficult to get my point of views across to clients and very often found myself just doing what they told me to as opposed to actually putting across my visions.

I overcame these by completing courses on self-confidence (very often guided by Tony Robbins) and then I also got myself a life coach who was able to work through my setbacks and help me to be more confident in a professional and respectable way.

Drive to succeed

I had a very troubled adolescent often finding myself a victim of abuse and a victim of my own mental health often suffering from episodes of self-harm and destructive behaviours that now my only belief is that it can never get worse than what it was, and so even when I am having a bad day I have a bad day with a smile knowing that this is just a bad day, not my worse day.

Advice to anyone starting out

1. Know what you are worth.

2. Don’t settle for less than what you want.

3. Never be afraid to say what you are thinking, there’s always someone who will appreciate it.

Don’t let it consume you. Always allow time for yourself and avoid burnout at every cost. And most importantly only every start a business in something that you really love, otherwise, you won’t make it.

The best advice I have ever been given is you may only ever be 3 feet away from gold. From a must-read book, “Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

There is no formula for success although I believe to be consistent. Be reliable. Always keep your word no matter how far you have to go.


My business strategy has just been to hold on as tight as we can and pull as many businesses through the other side with us as possible. This has included gifting around £15,000 worth of services hours to a business that has needed it.

A more personal strategy has been to try and commute, even if you are just working in your living room, get dressed, go for a walk and then sit down and work. Doing the same in the evening will also help you to not get distracted and help you really separate between work and home life.

If you enjoyed this blog check out more just like it here. Check out Junior’s website here.

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