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Spotlight on Jenna Leigh Woodward

At Spotlight, we got the chance to talk to Jenna Leigh Woodward, director of Jenna Leigh Academy LTD. We chatted about what gave her the determination to start a business, what she believes to be the formula for success and what she enjoys about being the boss.

Business background

I left school at 16, started doing a 2 yr beauty course but left after 1 year, I just wanted to work and earn money. I started my first full-time job in sales at the age of 17 and this is where my career started. I held this job down for 3 years but I got itchy feet, I was bored, clock watching and my impulsive self decided to look for another job and hand my notice in. From there I was always known as the girl who had so many jobs, people would find it funny asking which job are you in now, I can’t keep up with you. Deep down inside I knew that I was an entrepreneur, I wanted to work for myself but I hadn’t quite found that path yet. From all my sales and marketing experience, 18yrs worth, I finally took the leap when I had my little boy Luca and I will never look back. I now run 3 businesses - I have a semi-permanent makeup clinic, a training academy and a mentor business! So I kind of ended up where I started, in the beauty industry, but as an entrepreneur.

What made you choose this career/industry?

I have a passion for helping people - I have the story behind why I started my own business and helping other people do the same, have a good work-life balance and being their own boss gives me such job satisfaction. When my students are succeeding then so I am.

Overcoming challenges

FEAR - you always have the scarcity of being self-employed, when is the next lot of money coming in, even if you are earning a healthy amount the fear can always creep in but I soon got over this and have a totally different mindset that actually attracts the money to come in. I did a lot of self-help - read lots of books, listened to podcasts and hired myself a coach.

Passion and drive

Definitely helping others succeed. It’s not just about becoming good at your trade, or skill, you need to have the right knowledge of how to run, market and sell your business and this bit I love!

The fire in my belly gave me the drive to succeed. Without the belief in myself and that this would actually happen I would still be job-hopping and probably on my 30th job hahaha. My little boy gave me the biggest drive, to give him the life I never had, not with money, but with time. The biggest lesson I have learned along the way is not to run before you walk !!!


Get a coach or an accountability partner Do your research - your industry, you competitors, your ideal clients Do a marketing course, take your time and have a clear plan and goals Make time for yourself Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The best advice I have ever been given is not to care about what others think, always remember where you started - be a role model!!

Highs and lows

Seeing my students start a business from scratch to reach their goals is the best part of my job, the worst is definitely admin! As you start to grow as a business the admin grows with it doesn’t

excite me one bit - but that’s what I have my PA for!! The formula for success is ambition.

If you are not happy where you are please do not think there is nothing more out there. Research, find out what you like, do pro’s and con’s, network with people that you may connect with, find opportunities. Life is here for living!


I have stayed positive and it has been a great time for me to do everything I have needed and wanted to do over the past few years but been too busy to do. I have made sure that I have continued marketing so that my business is still showing up and giving people as much inspiration in such a hard time.

We have managed to get a lot of our theory onto an online portal so students have managed to study at home before they come in for their practical sessions. We just made a strategy of how it could work and worked on a trial and error basis for a while.

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