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Spotlight on - Jarrod Lupson

At Spotlight, we got the opportunity to talk to the owner and director of Coconut Solutions, Jarrod Lupson. We chatted about the truth about starting a business, the highs and lows and loving what you do.


Coconut was created 16 years ago and provides business development solutions and projects in the health, fitness, spa and sports sectors. I originally got into this business purely by luck, I started a temporary job as a lifeguard at my local leisure centre, found I liked it and stayed ever since.

Overcoming setback

Throughout my career I have faced setbacks, originally leaving my full-time role with nowhere to go as hacked off with corporate life, and then thinking what now. I had to have a long hard think about what I enjoyed and ultimately lead to setting up Coconut. The drive and determination must come from within…but having no money helps!

Life lessons

My main goal is to make sure I am delivering results for all my clients and projects. It’s important to keep an eye on time management and focus on your priorities, not just the bits you enjoy

To anyone starting their career I would say

  • Whatever you do... do to the best of your ability

  • Take responsibility

  • Be flexible

The best advice I have ever been given is however hard you think you will work, you will need to do more, as my parents always said – no one owes you a living.

Remember to treat everyone with respect and don’t be afraid to take advice, feedback and give credit where due.

I like by the motto when all is said and done – more is said than done. To anyone looking at a managerial position, I would say remember to delegate and let people get on with their roles.

Highs and lows

Without a doubt, the best part of my job is no corporate meetings, conference calls, management training that adds no value and achieves nothing! Also the flexibility of work pattern. There is no formula to success, it's simply hard work, taking a risk and getting on with it.

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