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Spotlight on Iyete Apeji

Here at Spotlight, we had the opportunity to chat with Iyete Apeji, Online Business Manager at Ezrela Social. She spoke to us about how consistency is key to overcoming challenges and for her success so far.

Background - into you and your business

I started my business in 2016. I was a mum with 3 children and needed to find work that fitted around me and my family. I first started as a Virtual Assistant working for local businesses on their social media but eventually moved on to various parts of Digital Marketing. I now offer Online Business Management where I serve entrepreneurs by managing their business, creating systems and processes and managing marketing elements so they can spend more time growing their businesses.

Many years ago, I had been serving organisations with my computer skills. So when the term Virtual Assistant came up, I realised it was something I had already done.

Overcoming Challenges

The biggest challenge in my business was getting exposure to my target audience. I overcame this with consistency, tenacity and learning and implementing strategies that work. Not following the crowd but setting up a plan that suits me as well as my target audience.

What is an important initiative that you feel passionate about in your role?

I am passionate about the clients I serve. I want them to be at ease with how their business is running so they can focus on growing the core of their business.

What is it that gives you the drive and determination to succeed?

My faith in God. I know that I am not doing this for just myself but out of obedience to God.

What is the biggest lesson that you’ve learnt along the way?

I have learnt to be patient. To keep moving forward and not to give up. I have learnt to trust God more than ever.

What is your advice to people who are wanting to start a business?

  1. Know your why!

  2. Your customer is king, prioritise customer service

  3. Be visible. Don’t hide your business.

What would your advice be to someone managing a team?

  1. Don’t micromanage

  2. Have a system in place

  3. Give room for errors

To what do you attribute your success?

God. Consistency, tenacity, diligence, my willingness to learn. My love for learning and growing.

The future

I am currently training future virtual assistants and also preparing in house training for staff of small businesses so they can function better.

What top tips do you have for businesses struggling with remote working?

To answer this, it will depend on why they are struggling. If it is that they do not like technology I would advise them to take baby steps. They do not need to do everything online immediately. Instead, they should start small and also not to be afraid but embrace change.

Thank you Iyete for telling us your story. If you would like to keep up to date with her, make sure to connect with her on Linkedin. Also, follow her on Instagram and Twitter today! For more blogs like this head over to our blog today.

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