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Spotlight on - Dr Pana Lepeniotis

At Spotlight, we had the opportunity to speak to Dr Pana Lepeniotis, Co-Founder & CDO of Data Clarity, who told us about his love for data from a young age.

My Background

I was always into Data (I always liked Star Trek and, in particular, the Lieutenant Commander Data character). For the last 20 years I’ve been building Data-Driven Solutions. I have enabled businesses to understand the real value of their data assets by setting up Data Strategy, Data Governance and Data Visualisation with Data Storytelling.

In addition to this, I’ve been in charge of Data Strategy in multiple Business Transformation Programmes, and responsible for ClarityOmnivue®, Winner of National Retail Systems’ Omni-Channel Solution of the Year Award in 2018 and Clarity Clienteling.

I’ve been involved in multiple ERP implementations and Business Transformation Programmes as a consultant, I could see that there were many challenges regarding Data in business environments. So, I had a conversation with Kevin Carrick, our CEO, and suggested that we start a Business that tackles exactly that! Solving peoples’ Data Problems.

About Data Clarity

Data Clarity is a worldwide software and data services provider with a portfolio of award-winning products from business Intelligence to powerful OmniChannel solutions and mobile applications.

It empowers companies to focus on their business objectives through our award-winning cloud-based systems and we specialise in transforming data into actionable business insights, streamlining business workflows, and automating and simplifying data processes.

At Data Clarity, we are a passionate group of people who understand data management. We apply our core values of innovation and integrity with a personal approach, investing in our employees and developing a deep understanding of our clients’ unique business challenges. A strong company ethos of providing high-quality products and excellent service has led to valuable, long-lasting client relationships and new product development.

Dealing With Setbacks

The biggest challenge is the one that I run into most often during a Business Transformation Programme or a Digital Transformation Programme; the resistance from business users and the concerns of impact and of how the “New Normal” will look.

To be fair, this applies to every element of our lives and not only in Business and IT. However, I believe that the most challenging part is convincing people, “The new process is going to improve the way you perform your task”.

When any change can be invasive. The challenges are being overcome through honest conversations, detailed explanations, and by trying to highlight the benefit rather than anything else. Changing the way that someone completes a task is always a very sensitive matter. By being noninvasive during this process you are more likely to have a successful outcome. At the end of the day, we are all humans and we should all respect each other.

How I Found Success

I attribute my success to determination and “can do” attitude. It took me 10 years to complete my PhD (part-time). During this period, there were many changes in my personal life, both good and bad. I never even thought about giving up. My supervisor said to me “you deserve a medal for sheer determination!”

Giving people a solution to their problems! We have multiple award-winning Data Driven solutions that are there to help businesses to excel! Every time that a customer turns to me and says “Thank you! That solution saved us £X” or “That solution generated us £Y!”. This is what gives me the determination to succeed! Knowing that a customer is happy because of the way we resolved their challenges.

Advice for people starting their careers

My advice for people just starting their careers is to be prepared for sleepless nights, and for difficult conversations about priorities with family. You are not going to be a millionaire overnight so set realistic expectations and make sure that your idea can be converted into a product or service. You can’t stay focused on the idea alone and then forget about the execution.

Once you get there don’t stop. Always remember where you started and, when you look in the mirror every morning, try to see that student that once was spending days and nights in the library to learn a bit more. We are all students, and we are all learning every day!

If you would like to learn more about Data Clarity visit their website here. If you enjoyed this blog, check out some of our others on the Spotlight website.

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