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Spotlight on - Corrie Jones. A day in the life.

Once again, we put the Spotlight on CEO & Founder of Untapped Digital, Corrie Jones. This time, she talks us through a day in her life as a business owner.

How do you start your day?

I’d love to say that I start my day with a 5am meditation and yoga session but it’s just not true - I wake up and check my emails, WhatsApp and social media notifications. I don’t spend ages browsing through to look at what other people are doing as it’s too much noise, I just reply to my messages then start getting ready for the day. I check my calendar in the morning and plan out the important tasks I need to focus on and any meetings I need to prep for.

I don’t drink coffee (never got into it!) so I like having a lot of water at the start of the day to help wake me up.

What is the most challenging part of your day/job?

I have a big variety of meetings or calls that I have to switch between on any given day (e.g. speaking to a new client, checking in with an existing client, doing a podcast interview, 121s with the team, meeting a potential partner agency etc). It can be a challenge to get your brain into gear and be on top of lots of different things back to back, but it’s something I’ve gotten used to.

How do you pick yourself up after a down day?

I remind myself that it’s totally normal, not every day can be a good one. If something really difficult happens, give yourself a few hours (or days if needed) to feel better about it and put the situation in perspective. If I need to think something through, I usually feel better after putting pen to paper - I’ll write out what the situation is and create a plan to fix it. Food is always a guarantee to cheer me up after feeling down - a Thai takeaway fixes most things.

Do you have days off?

I do have days off - but I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a day where I don’t ever think about work. I’m much better at keeping the weekends for ‘downtime’ these days, but I will still check emails or catch up on something from the week if needed. Even on holiday, if there’s an important call or meeting that I need to be in, I’ll still take it. But I think that’s what happens when you enjoy your work and you’re building a business you see a big future for. Equally, if I wanted to take time off because I felt I needed it, I could do exactly that and a big perk of being self-employed is not having to ask for your manager’s permission.

Thanks so much to Corrie for chatting to us again, you can check out Untapped Digital here, and Corrie, here.

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