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Spotlight on - Chad Wyatt

At Spotlight, we got the chance to chat with the founder of Remote Jobs Co, Chad Wyatt. He spoke to us about starting a business during a pandemic, what drives him to succeed and overcoming challenges.

Business background

I am an entrepreneur with four businesses, following a number of unsuccessful attempts at other businesses. I started working at 15 and got straight into the 9-5 lifestyle. After some years I decided it was time to quit and start travelling around the world. I spent 3 years travelling and working in different countries before returning back to another 9-5 lifestyle.

4 years went by and my urge to travel was at its peak. Only this time, I managed to land a remote job. Not knowing what remote jobs were and how it all worked, I was sceptical but everything worked out and I was off being a digital nomad. This inspired me to start searching for ways to make money online and opened up a whole world of opportunities.

I was so eager to cement my digital nomad lifestyle that I started to try everything. I launched multiple dropshipping websites, grew and sold Instagram theme pages, ran online services, did private consulting, and ran personal blogs online. Whilst these were not necessarily failures (they didn’t lose me money) they were not successful and provided a great learning experience.

This year I launched Remote Jobs Co, which is only 4 months old and has seen incredible growth since its launch. The website was started with a focus on providing remote workers with great opportunities rather than monetizing from employers. Since launching, there have been ongoing developments and the website is growing in popularity. There are more exciting changes to come and I am confident about the success of this business venture.

The start of Remote Jobs Co

I have always wanted to create an online community to share my knowledge and experience when it comes to remote work and being a digital nomad, only I didn’t know the right platform to do this. I decided one day back in March 2020 to create a Facebook group and see how much of an interactive community I could build.

The group exploded and quickly grew in numbers. I was forced to think of new innovative methods to provide value to this group and one of the ways I thought of was to create a remote job board. The idea was to be able to share new remote jobs and opportunities exclusively to the group before other traffic filtered through.

The Remote Jobs Co website took 3 weeks to finalize and had a very simple concept. Since the launch, there are many new updates and improvements that are still being worked on now.

Overcoming challenges

The biggest setback I experienced was failing at the businesses I created. I am a very passionate person that is filled with pride, to fail at something is like losing a limb to me. I put 18 hours a day for 7 days a week into building some of these businesses and optimizing them as much as possible. When I say no, or minimal, return on investment, it was very disappointing.

Looking back, I can see that I was very naive to think that I could launch a new business that I had only just learned existed, and be successful immediately. I probably attempted around 15 different business ventures and they all deflated without much success. Each one taking a little bit of my confidence with it. I was ready to give up with the entrepreneurial lifestyle and move back to working a normal office job.

I watched many different influencers and coaches online that taught valuable lessons in the business world. One of the most important lessons I learned was to learn from setbacks. It’s a cliche statement that is used all over the world, and I had actually heard it before, but I never considered it to be true. My view was “if you fail then you’re obviously not good enough” which looking back, is very immature.

After thinking long and hard about the new lesson I had just learned, I started to evaluate things a bit differently. I had a new hunger for learning and creating businesses that I thought I had lost. I started by going back over all my failures and thinking about what I did right and what I did wrong. Then instead of going straight into a new business without knowing anything, I took my time to research the fundamentals behind creating businesses. This allowed me to gain the knowledge to apply to any business no matter what the niche was.


Success is the one thing that drives me forward every day. I want to look back in 20 years and say “I achieved that”. I don’t want to live my whole life without being proud of what I have achieved. If you are not chasing success or using success as your motivator, it is near impossible to know what you are working towards.

I am passionate about providing value to others. Everything I have created is based on providing value to other people. I collect feedback constantly and always want to make the best user experience possible. If anything, it is a bad trait I have as I am the “please everyone” type of person. Which is impossible.

I believe that if you create everything with kindness and value to others as your driving force, then you are setting yourself up to succeed. People that want to start something to make a quick buck don’t care about their customers or users.

Advice to anyone starting out

Do something you are passionate about or have knowledge in. Unfortunately, it is too easy to start a business these days and anyone can do it. If you don’t like something or know anything about it, you will fail. This is one of the main things I learned. My top three tips are:

  1. The only person holding you back is you

  2. Learn From Failure

  3. Enjoy the Little Things

To anyone aiming for a leadership position, I would say show willingness always. I don’t mean be a suck-up, but genuinely show passion and willingness to learn. If you constantly put yourself out there for new projects, the bad jobs, training courses, and everything that other people don’t, you will find yourself going up the ladder a lot quicker.

Managing a team

Treat everyone with respect and kindness. You are nothing without your team, they do the fundamental work that keeps the business going so you should always treat them that way. I previously took over a failing team and turned them into a successful one without replacing any members. Because the previous manager did not motivate and respect the team.

The future of Remote Jobs Co

The future is looking great for remote jobs so the business I can only hope will follow. I am working on a number of new features and extra ways to provide value to the users that are applying through my site.

If you enjoyed this blog find more just like it here. Follow Chad here. Check out Remote Jobs Co’s website here and follow them on twitter.

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