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Spotlight on - Cain Lewis

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

At Spotlight, we’ve had the opportunity to speak to Cain Lewis, Copywriter and Founder of Kraken, who tells us about becoming the biggest, baddest and most dominant copywriter in all the land!

Kraken’s founder

As a sales/marketing executive, I’d (unknowingly) been writing copy throughout my career through emails, proposals and social media posts. I just didn’t have a name for what I was doing.

After a few years of cold-calling busy business owners from 9-5, I quickly realised this wasn’t what I wanted to spend my life doing. I’m a creative at heart and have more to give than what any sales role could offer me. So I started investing my time heavily in copywriting and marketing. I learned the science, mastered the art and put things into practice in my full-time role (cheeky I know - but hey, it benefitted us both!). I started getting good (at least I thought so) and decided to set up as a freelancer.

I started reaching out to people I knew, posting consistently on social media, writing blogs, joining networking groups and getting friendly with a few agencies that I felt aligned with who I am and what I’m about. And sure enough, I got my first client!

Fast-forward to today and I’ve left my full-time role, earning more than I ever thought I could 6 months ago and working with some seriously cool, forward-thinking brands both here in the UK, and overseas.

Creating Kraken

I think taking the plunge and going all-in on me and the business has to be the biggest challenge I’ve faced. When people around you are all in ‘safe’ jobs, it can seem like a silly idea to risk everything to start working for yourself. However, I can whole-heartedly say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Kraken began in January 2020 from a love for cool headlines and catchy slogans. So, I found that creating the concept for the business was actually pretty easy. It sort of came to me one night (without sounding too cliche). First of all, I knew I wanted something that was different. That stood out. Something that looked cool, youthful and full of life. I also knew I wanted something cheeky and fun that represented my style well.

The name itself was inspired by a few things:

  1. The Kraken is the biggest, baddest and most dominant creature in the sea (yes, I know it’s mythical) and this is exactly what I wanted to be as a Copywriter.

  2. An Australian Digital Marketing Agency called King Kong. I loved that they didn’t need ‘agency’ or studio’ at the end of their name. Just King - Kong. Cool, right?

  3. I LOVE Kraken Rum

So, it was settled: Kraken - Your copywriting beast.

Advice for people starting their careers

When I was faced with setbacks, I chose to speak to people who were where I wanted to be rather than people who were projecting their fears of taking the leap themselves onto me. It’s not that people around you don’t want what’s best for you, but sometimes -- only you know what you need to do.

So I started speaking to other freelancers and business owners to get their perspective. And although they all had different stories, the one thing they all had in common was that it was the best decision they ever made. Now 6 months in, I’m telling people who ask me the same!

The most important piece of advice that I could give is to go after the dream. Half the battle with starting your career is believing that you can do it. There will be failures along the way. But these moments are necessary for our growth. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen? You go back to doing what you’re doing now? At least you went after the dream. That’s more than 99% of the people can say.

What does the future look like for Kraken?

My focus right now is making sure the clients I have are feeling loved and getting value from working with me. In the new year, I’ll be looking to take on another couple of clients and potentially look at outsourcing some of my admin, social media etc. in order to leverage my time effectively.

I’ll also be looking at scaling up to an agency some time next year. What that looks like I don’t know, but it’s definitely on the cards. I’d love to manage people and help others succeed as I continue on my journey.

To learn more about Kraken, visit their website here or head over to their Instagram.

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