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Spotlight on Brianna Clark

At Spotlight, we got the opportunity to talk to Brianna Clark the CEO and founder of Glow Candle Bar. Brianna chatted to us about starting your own business, what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and overcoming setbacks.


All my life, I have always been the one behind the scenes, I was comfortable being there because of my observant and introverted ways. While that does have some pros, I never was able to shine a light on some of the goals that I’ve always kept to myself because of that. It was not until 2017 when I started Glow Candle Bar, where I really decided to make my goals more seriously and focus on inspiring and encouraging young women all around, especially black women.

Glow Candle Bar, Est. 2017 is an all-natural, handmade + hand-poured soy candle company. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality ingredients which is why every single candle is made with Soy Wax, Eco-Friendly Wicks, Phthalate Free Fragrances + Essential Oils, and most importantly Love!

Our mission is to enhance your space with our top-quality scented candles, to add a bit of “Glow” to your life + to give out inspiration and encouragement for every person who lights it. We want to help push people to reach their fullest potential, to challenge them to GLOW up and to hold them accountable for their OWN destiny. It is our goal that these candles are not only JUST meant for the fulfilling aroma, but a conversation starter into deeper and meaningful conversations.

Career challenges and overcoming setbacks

I believe finding what made my candles different from other candle makers was probably one of my biggest setbacks. You want to be known as having quality candles so that people not only buy from you once but continue to come back.

For me, I decided to one start doing wooden wicks in all my candles, it was something that I hadn’t seen anyone doing yet and I figured that I love wooden wicks and I knew my customers would love it also! The second one was my 16oz or 3-wick candles. I believe I am the first one who has introduced 3-wooden wick candles, and that is something that people loved as well.

What makes you passionate?

What I push with my business is self-care and holding yourself accountable for your dreams. For me, being a business owner I have to continuously hold myself accountable for the stuff I want because if I don’t, who will? You also have to take time for yourself and your mental health to be able to continue doing what you need to do. That’s why self-care is so important!

For me knowing that I couldn’t lose really gave me the drive and determination to succeed. I don’t believe in taking Losses, Only Lessons. If something doesn’t happen the way I planned it to, then I take that and find the lesson in it. Shifting my way of thinking has allowed me to find the good in everything I do regardless of the outcome. I know that my business is not just me making candles, it’s using my voice and platform to inspire others to speak up as well. You can’t do anything but succeed when you think of it like that.

Life lessons and top tips

My biggest life lesson is discipline. Just because you found your passion, doesn’t mean you won’t be tired or frustrated somedays or just don’t wanna do it. You must always be disciplined in remembering why you can’t give up or quit.

To anyone looking to start their career I would say:

  1. Follow YOUR heart. Don’t allow negativity to linger in your heart or mind. Go after what you want.

  2. It doesn’t need to be perfect, you don’t need to have everything perfected before you start, just start!

  3. You can continuously reinvent yourself as you go.

If this is something that you really want to do, something that you feel will change the hearts of people and inspire them for greater things...you don’t need a perfected business plan, you just need a plan and the courage the jump!

To be a leader takes patience, everyone can not just go and be a leader without having been a follower in some sense. You have to be able to listen and be open to hearing and actually take constructive criticism and applying it to your life. Leadership takes time, and it’s not something people should rush into because with great power comes great responsibility.

There is definitely no pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur. I believe everyone has their own journey when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur, the beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you don’t have to follow any rules or guidelines. What works for you won’t work for someone else and vice versa.

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