We created Spotlight to showcase what Nottingham and the East Midlands has to offer. The thing we love about Nottingham right now is the number of cranes in the sky. It's great to see a genuine buzz around the city. If your business brings a buzz to this great city, then we would like to showcase you on Spotlight.

With the rise of Social media, there is so much emphasis on overnight success. Spotlight aims to showcase that careers don't just happen overnight. We are looking for people to tell their career story and promote their business or businesses to spotlight.

Content is becoming currency, everyone wants video and influence. If you are starting your personal journey, appearing on Spotlight could give you inspiration for how you could use social media for your business and personal brand. 

Our aim is to publish the success of Nottingham and the East Midlands, creating a community within- but more important educating those outside the community to what the region is all about.